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Over 150 chemistry questions carefully organized into categories. Test your knowledge of general chemistry or learn something new!


A comprehensive chemistry quiz application

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**Over 160 questions carefully organized into Categories**

NEW: Biological Chemistry questions!
Study tricks and chemistry Mnemonics

Some Chapters/Areas covered in the chemistry quiz app:

Atoms, Molecules and Ions
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Chemical Bonding
Periodic table
Intro to Organic chemistry
Electronic structure of Atoms
Intramolecular Forces
Acids and bases
Redox and Electrochemistry


Chem Quiz is an application designed for College students taking basic/ beginner Chemistry courses. It is designed to help students prepare for course quizzes and exams. The quizzes cover most of the sections in the beginner chemistry textbooks. Each section is targeted to match the contents in most commonly used Chemistry textbooks in US, UK, Australia and Canada . The quizzes are combination of easy, medium and hard questions. The questions are picked and prepared by the professionals based on most occurring questions in college and University level beginner Chemistry courses and are meant to prepare students for each sections in the text books.

This application is not part of/ affiliation of any textbooks, educational institution or standard examination Board preparation textbooks. The application is designed to provide extra help and practice to the students seeking more preparational materials for the course. Students are advised to follow the textbook materials and use this app only as preparational source.

All rights to Chem Quiz reserved by kDUO PRODUCTION.

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